PDX new generation integrated trading platform of DeFi project

In today’s society, the financial system has completely covered our lives, and in the traditional financial system as we know it, the core operating model of commercial banks is “centralized custody.” Although commercial banks have won the recognition and trust of most depositors by giving depositors a certain amount of interest or return, the cost of information verification in traditional centralized financial convenience such as commercial banks has increased, which in turn has led to the efficiency of capital flow. The problem of getting lower and lower, coupled with the centralization of traditional financial institutions, whether it is saving or lending, we all regard traditional financial institutions as “middlemen”. Although we have experienced long-term precipitation and accumulation, our advantages are Many, but inherently there are risks.
The emergence of DeFi (decentralized finance) uses blockchain and smart contracts to further verify information. Anyone can use digital assets to participate in agreements to complete lending and transactions, thus reducing costs compared to traditional centralized finance. Improved efficiency, but also reduced risk, this is actually the most important significance after the advent of DeFi.
Secondly, the combination of public and private key systems and smart contracts achieves complete control of personal assets, and at the same time eliminates the risks caused by external factors in a certain sense.
If we carefully study the characteristics of decentralized finance, we will find a more surprising detail, that is, with the introduction of the token economy system, DeFi will form a more diversified business model than the traditional financial system, making the financial market more diversified. Greater room for innovation.
In summary, we can clearly see that the meaning of the birth of DeFi is “decentralization.”
So what is the effect of building a decentralized integrated platform on DeFi? A way to change traditional commercial finance and exchange, a platform for the entire transaction process, will create huge ecological value. Prodex is based on this purpose and establishes a comprehensive decentralized platform integrating EDX, NFT, transaction mining, gathering reasonable wealth, lending, decentralized contracts, and cross-chain.

Introduction to prodex
Prodex is an automatic market-making decentralized comprehensive trading platform based on the concept of capital pools. It is similar in function to some DEXs on the market, but on this basis, it proposes and implements a dual-chain DEX based on the Huobi ecological chain and Ethereum model. It integrates the advantages of the low transaction fees of the Huobi ecological chain and the prosperity of the Ethereum ecosystem, and supports the mechanism of transaction mining and rational wealth mining. prodex is committed to building a DeFi platform that integrates EDX, NFT, transaction mining, reasonable wealth, lending, and decentralized contracts for the entire ecological chain, providing users with more security and credibility, asset selection and configuration more diversified, and expected investment Decentralized comprehensive services with a higher rate of return. To

ProDEX token PDX
1. ProDEX token basic information
Name: PDX (ProDEX Token)
Total amount: 1 billion
Output mode: transaction mining, aggregate mining
2. Economic model
The total supply of ProDEX’s platform token PDX is about 1 billion, of which 10% is used as a team reward for team operation, technology research and development, etc., one month after the launch, it will be unlocked in 24 months of smart contracts. 7% is used as an early investor share, (including 4% early investors, 2% ITO, 1% airdrop) to provide more sufficient and beneficial funds and resources for the development of ProDEX; 3% for market promotion and brand building; all are online It will be unlocked in twelve months. The remaining 80% is used for transaction mining and aggregate mining.

3. Transaction mining
After the transaction mining is started, the platform will charge a transaction fee of 0.3% to produce PDX of equal value. Of the PDX produced, 60% will be used to reward traders and 40% will be destroyed.

4. Aggregate mining
The platform will support some currencies for single currency lossless mining to obtain PDX, and the supported currencies will mine the equivalent PDX. The platform will linearly repurchase the platform currency, stabilize the currency price, and form a closed-loop ecology.

prodex future outlook
The future development direction of ProDEX will be realized in three stages. At present, the first stage, ProDEX has fully supported the Huobi ecological chain Heco’s decentralized transaction mining business, gathering reasonable wealth mining business and one-stop issuance business. ProDEX aims to lay the foundation for the acceleration of the DeFi ecological construction of the Huobi Ecological Chain, and also looks forward to working with the community to build a more prosperous DeFi Ecological Circle for the Huobi Ecological Chain.
In the second stage, ProDEX will open up the Huobi ecological chain Heco, Binance Smart Chain BSC, and OKEX ecological chain OKExChain, forming a new ecosystem of multi-chain common and multi-chain interconnection.
In the third stage, ProDEX starts from decentralized trading and gathering reasonable wealth for mining, and will give full play to the unlimited potential of DeFi in the fields of lending, decentralized contracts, insurance, and asset management.
The design and implementation of the ProDEX project is also continuously improving, including attracting more external assets, innovating more DeFi business models, etc. are the directions we are researching. All community members are welcome to actively participate and continue to optimize ProDEX.


A protocol for trading and automated liquidity provision on Ethereum/Heco Telegram:https://t.me/prodexio

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Prodex Protocol 🍍

A protocol for trading and automated liquidity provision on Ethereum/Heco Telegram:https://t.me/prodexio